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Get to Know Our Close-Knitted Team

Team Members: Team Members
Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboard


Executive Tutor/Mentor

Over thirty years experience in science education, currently teaching A-Level Physics and BTEC Science at a sixth form college in the UK. Experienced in tutoring for GCSE Science subjects online. Mentoring young people for years within institutions, giving advice on future academic aspirations and career goals.

Image by Tyler Franta


Admin/Technology Specialist

Creator and editor or SciencewithGrace website, monitoring and providing support to the team. Assisting with technical issues of users within the site and ensuring 100% user satisfaction.

Anime Cartoon



Moderator for the site, ensuring users are safe and appropriate to fellow users and the team. Monitoring all user activity so make sure to be polite : )

Image by Marko Blažević

The Genius

Consultant Guru

Can solve the rubik cube in under 30 seconds... knows 100+ decimal places of pi...
Will be able to explore and indulge the mysteries of science with users... literally. Get ready to be challenged!
Also, personal assistant to Grace.

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